Work easily in restricted access situations 



XL Crowfoot Spanners

[55mm & 60mm]

By design, our XL Crowfoot Spanner range will eliminate frustration, improve quality & efficiency, while also enhancing safety and reducing the potential for injury. 

Made in Australia

Designed in Australia

Australian Owned

Spanner pouch with 2 Crowfoot spanners


All maintenance and breakdown personnel maintaining equipment that utilises -24 JIC & ORFS hydraulic hoses.* 


Save time by easily accessing hard to reach fittings. What could take hours will now take minutes! 


Certified to be used on -24 JIC & ORFS hydraulic fittings. 


Safer than other tooling options, as they provide positive engagement on the fittings. 

*Have a similar problem with another piece of equipment? Any size can be accommodated. 

Spanner pouch with 2 Crowfoot spanners

Case Analysis

Understand how our XL Crowfoot Spanners have eliminated frustration and improved efficiency and safety in the workshop.

The Problem

Removing or changing out the engine oil remote filter hoses on the Epiroc MT6020 and MT65 Underground Dump truck is a challenging task to say the least. 

The sizes of the hoses are a key factor in this, but what makes this task near impossible is the restricted access to the filter end of the circuit, due to other components and covers. 

People have different strategies to try and complete this task. The majority resorting to makeshift tooling which increases the potential for soft tissue injury, back strain and more. 

Employees may attempt to complete this task with a hammer and punch, a cut down wide mouth shifter or stillson pipe wrench. 

Even with these makeshift tools this task has been known to take hours. 

The solution

Here at Ferrum Engineering we have manufactured a low profile Crowfoot spanner to ensure easy access and positive engagement on the engine oil remote filter hoses. 

With the 55mm & 60mm Crowfoot Spanners, and the use of a standard ½” drive extension and ratchet, these hose fittings can now be quickly and safely removed and installed. Reducing potential for injury, saving time, money, and a lot of sweat and tears. 

Modern machines are fitting more and more components in hard to access places, and these spanners are adaptable to any other machine utilising -24 JIC and ORFS hydraulic fittings-a great alternative to carrying around large, and very heavy, jumbo spanners. 

In addition to this, if you would like to discuss a custom size to suit your application, please contact us. 

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