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Custom Hydraulic Fittings

[Custom-Made for your requirements]

Designed to meet the unique requirements of each application. Whether it’s achieving a perfect fit in tight spaces or eliminating leak points, our fittings are engineered for optimal performance & safety. 

Made in Australia

Designed in Australia

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Spanner pouch with 2 Crowfoot spanners


Precision-engineered for individual applications, ensuring an ideal fit in tight spaces.


Eliminate time-consuming and risky component alterations; opt for efficient maintenance and assembly.


Crafted from high quality materials, our fittings are built for demanding conditions.


Our purpose-built solutions replace makeshift fittings, mitigating potential risks and accidents.

Spanner pouch with 2 Crowfoot spanners

Case Analysis

Understand how our XL Crowfoot Spanners have eliminated frustration and improved efficiency and safety in the workshop.

The Problem

In various situations, the need for custom hydraulic fittings arises to overcome specific challenges. One common issue involves customers resorting to drilling and tapping differential housing to fit standard fittings, which can lead to improper execution, component damage, and the introduction of debris into critical components like hydraulic circuits. Additionally, the lack of core return for rotatable components when returned to the OEM poses further complications.

Furthermore, the practice of stacking multiple fittings can lead to space constraints, excessive weight on fragile casting and mounting and potential leak points. In the worst-case scenario, the use of homemade fittings poses extreme danger and consequences if they fail under extreme pressure.

The solution

The ultimate solution lies in purpose-built custom fittings. Utilising high-quality materials such as stainless steel and chrome molybdenum, these fittings ensure robustness and reliability in even the most demanding applications. Leveraging Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining, we manufacture these fittings with precision and efficiency.

There’s no need for time-consuming and potentially risky component modifications like drilling and tapping. Our readily available fittings can be swiftly installed, saving valuable time during maintenance and assembly.

By eliminating the use of homemade or makeshift fittings, we contribute to a safer working environment for your team, mitigating potential risks and accidents.

Offering a smarter solution that optimises performance, increases efficiency, and improves the effectiveness of your hydraulic systems, Ferrum Engineering can provide custom hydraulic fittings designed to deliver meet the specific needs of your applications. 

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